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Extracted CLDR Supplemental Data

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Generated: 2016-03-16

This set of tables shows some of the supplemental data contained in CLDR. This is data that is not language-based, but is required for use with the language-based data in CLDR. If you are vetting this data, please look over the tables to see how they are structured. Look for the countries and languages that you are familiar with, and see if the data is correct. If not, or if there is missing data, please file a bug report. When you do so, please include references supporting the request.


Aliases DTD Deltas Likely Subtags Territory Subdivisions
Annotation Charts Language Matching Scripts and Languages Territory-Language Information
Character Fallback Substitutions Language Plural Rules Scripts, Languages, and Territories Zone → Tzid
Day Periods Language-Territory Information Territory Containment (UN M.49)
Detailed Territory-Currency Information Languages and Scripts Territory Information

Source Data

The XML source data (current snapshot) for the non-locale data is in files in the following directory. Not all of this data is represented in charts!