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Unicode - Multilingual Challenges and
Solutions for 2006

September 7-9, 2005
Orlando, Florida, USA

Is your software ready for global markets?

Technologies, standards, market requirements, and best practices for international applications have changed dramatically over the last five years and continue to evolve as companies and government agencies strive to broaden their reach. Bring your staff up to speed and kick-off your globalization planning for the coming year by networking with industry experts and attending up-to-date and comprehensive tutorials and sessions on advances in internationalization and localization.

Whether your application runs on a desktop, mobile device, the Web, a server, a medical instrument, a car, or the Airbus, the 28th Internationalization and Unicode Conference has information your staff needs to know, such as:

Hot Off the Presses Track covering recent or imminent releases

  • Unicode 4.1
  • Unicode-enabled PHP
  • Microsoft's Longhorn, Internet Explorer, and .NET
  • Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) 1.3

Unicode, Programming, and Architecture Tracks on new capabilities and best practices

  • Devices: Mobile devices and other handhelds
  • Practices: IBM's ICU internationalization library, design patterns, encoding conversions, upward migration
  • Environments: Java, Mac OSX, Microsoft .Net internationalization and localization

Web Technologies Track on recent recommendations:

  • XML advances: XSLT, XPath, XQuery
  • Language Tags
  • International Domain Names
  • Internationalized Resource Identifiers

Localization Track on resources and best practices

  • Localization Tutorial by The Institute of Localization Professionals (TILP)
  • Available language resources and the European IGNITE project
  • Common Locale Data Repository
  • Testing

Emerging Markets Track

  • Support for languages of emerging markets, including Indic, African and bidirectional languages is covered. Arabic is covered in depth by tutorials and sessions on Arabic scripts. Experts will discuss language support for less developed countries, including the Global Initiative for Local Computing (GILC).

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In our learned discussions of CLDR and glyph support, we often lose sight of the audience at the other end of the technology we specify and develop. In this keynote presentation by Ted Jansen, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing for Walt Disney Parks and Resort Online, we see that the work that Unicoders do every day supports the efforts of many other people to create value for their companies and agencies. Mr. Jansen will talk about where internationalization and Unicode meet global audiences for Disney. As the world marketplace blends across borders, he will demonstrate the importance of seizing on this growth opportunity through global markets. He will discuss how Disney's portfolio of products and guests demand that the internationalization-ready internet play an integral role in the marketing, selling and experience of a theme park destination to global audiences.

The conference SHOWCASE is included with the registration fee, and provides access to vendors of globalization tools and services that can accelerate your project plans.

Don DePalma, globalization industry analyst will review research on Globalization Power Tools, in a special keynote address to kick off the SHOWCASE exhibition.

The conference will offer one day of our highly acclaimed tutorials, including Unicode 4.1, Web internationalization, Localization, getting started with International Components for Unicode (ICU), Arabic, Planning your Internationalization Project, Internationalization in Microsoft.NET, and Designing Culturally Appropriate User Interfaces. The Unicode 4.1 tutorial is the only Unicode tutorial officially sanctioned by the Unicode Consortium. See the Conference Program for details.

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IUC28 at a Glance

Tutorials on Unicode, Scripts, Web, Localization, ICU and More

Localization Advances

Unicode 4.1

Recently Released Hot Off the Presses Track

Unicode, Programming, and Architecture

Web Technologies

Emerging Markets

Showcase and more!

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August 5, 2005

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August 5, 2005

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August 5, 2005


Hilton in the Walt Disney World Resort

September 7-9, 2005

Global Meeting Services, Inc., (GMS) organizes the Internationalization and Unicode Conferences around the world under an exclusive license granted by the Unicode Consortium. All responsibility for conference finances and operations is borne by GMS. The independent conference board provides technical review of the program and papers. The board serves solely at the pleasure of GMS and is composed of volunteers that are experts in Unicode and in international software development. All inquiries regarding the Internationalization and Unicode Conferences should be addressed to GMS offers full service conference planning and execution. Inquiries for event planning and management should be addressed to Copyright 2005 Global Meeting Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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