UTF-8 on this List

From: Patrick Rourke (ptrourke@methymna.com)
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 15:36:27 EDT

> Long after upgrading to Win2K, setting up all my fonts, and testing
> everything, I've come to a conclusion: there are darn few Unicode text
> messages on the Unicode mail list (i.e. characters are referred to by
> codepoint, but the character itself is never included).
> Is it considered wrong to send Unicode messages (instead
> of using U+xxxx notation), or do few people have the proper setup (or are
> just being considerate to those who don't)?

I know that at least one of my correspondents has a problem with Outlook
2000 (or maybe 97, but I don't think so) crashing every time he receives a
UTF-8 email - even when all the characters are Latin-1. This is probably a
problem with his installation, and maybe if we weren't on separate
continents I could fix it for him; but it means that for now I can't use
UTF-8 in emails that he receives (which is rather limiting, as he's on
several lists I'm on), and so to remind myself don't use it at all [though I
am using it now]). When I've tried it in Outlook 2000 (in Win 98) it has
worked fine.

BTW, if this problem sounds familiar to anyone and they have a solution, an
offlist message would be appreciated. I don't know anything more about it,
am not even sure which OS he uses, but a reference to an MS knowledgebase
article or such would be appreciated.

Patrick Rourke

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