Greek keyboard & Keyman

From: Manuel Lopez (
Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 14:54:41 EDT

In a thread a few days ago involving Lukas Pietsch and James Kass,
there was a question about classical Greek keyboards. I just uploaded
a good version for use with Tavultesoft's Keyman 5.0 to my unicode
website, . It uses the same accent
system that "BetaCode" does (Perseus at Tufts etc.). Only works with
NT 4 or Windows 2000 but works with ANY general unicode app --
notepad, word, late versions of rtf (wordpad), etc.

Whatever you think of my keyboard, the Keyman program is very powerful
(as you can see by playing around with changing accent marks, and by
the auto-conversion of medial to final sigma).

I still haven't found a unicode font as good for classical Greek as
Palatino Linotype in Windows 2000 (it has all the classical Greek
characters precomposed, it's a clean, professional-looking serif font,
AND it's good with both Roman and Greek alphabets, so I don't have to
switch back and forth in fonts when I switch back and forth in

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