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Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 04:45:22 EDT

Gutenberg II

Let the browser download 'last resort glyphs' from a server
(better via proxies), if it can not find them in any of
its/the OS' installed fonts.
shows individual glyphs as bit-mapped graphics (PNG). Each
glyph is typical 100-200 bytes.

Possibly, such an idea could be developed further, with vector
graphic glyphs in a stardardised format?

-Herman Ranes

Edward Cherlin skreiv:
> You are assuming that the average user would have a useful Unicode
> font setting. The average user doesn't have a useful Unicode font
> installed. We have not arrived at the point where browsers can count
> on the presence of Arial Unicode MS or Code 2000. Certainly browser
> makers are not about to add a font larger than the browser to their
> downloads. Under the circumstances, Google is being polite by sending
> an apology rather than trash.
> You do raise some interesting questions.
> Can a Web server determine what scripts and fonts a user has
> installed before sending a page? [my guess: no]
> Would you like to have to register the character sets you have
> installed at every multilingual site you use? [my guess: no]
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