Bar codes using unicode

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Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 05:33:32 EDT

On 11/05/2001 03:59 Misha Wolfe wrote:
>The only one I recall is Ultracode. See:
>B3: Ultracode: A Barcode Symbology Encoding Unicode 2.0
> at:

On 07/05/2001 20:27:28 Markus Scherer wrote:
> I seem to remember an email from a while ago (a year or more?) about
> Unicode text in bar code.
> The method used 47 code elements...
> Could anyone give me a pointer, please?

Speaking as a member of the AIM bar code standards committee, there are new
two bar codes which support Unicode.

93i (designed by Sprague Ackey of Intermec) is a linear, error-correcting
barcode has issue as an AIM International Technical Standard, and it encodes
Unicode 2.0/2.1. For an overview, see:

Ultracode(r) and Color Ultracode (designed by me; Zebra Technologies
Corporation) are 2-dimensional error-correcting symbologies in the AIM
standards process. The Ultracode symbology is a constant-height, variable
length two-dimensional "linear matrix" using 9-cell high x 2-cell wide tiles
containing 283 different values (orignally was 47). Ultracode can encode
either 8-bit, multi-byte or the full 21-bit Unicode 3-series character sets.
Because of the unique way in which characters are encoded, there is little
difference in symbol length when either 8-bit or Unicode encoding is used
with either Latin or non-Latin characters such as Chinese, Japanese and
Korean. UTF-8 is the default input/output. Black & white Ultracode is
scheduled for completion this year... Color Ultracode in 2002.

Anyone wishing a copy of the current Ultracode draft spec should contact me
offline (

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