Re: Support for UTF-8 in ISO-2022/6429 terminals

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 18:19:06 EDT

: We are currently under a certain amount of pressure to implement
: ISO 2022 in XTerm. I've been thinking about taking your approach --
: putting a pty within XTerm, and keeping the conversion between
: whatever ISO 2022 subset you're using and Unicode in a separate
: process. It's good to know that Kermit can already do that (although
: I understand you need to go through a telnet channel with Kermit).
Right, it doesn't do it locally, but it's also not just Telnet -- it
can also be serial (direct or dialed), Rlogin, and (on certain platforms)
X.25. For local use, you can have Kermit telnet to localhost in a pinch.
Also C-Kermit 7.1:

(about to be released) lets you make connections through any external
program (e.g. ssh) and still get all the benefits of Kermit: charset
conversion, file transfer, scripting, etc.

- Frank

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