Not out of the woods yet (was RE: UCD in XML)

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 20:15:00 EDT

I tried that, and it now gets further. However, it blows up on a pure UTF-8
version (without the NCRs). I posted that version also on my site so you
can pick it up.

Error message is:


     The XML page cannot be displayed

     Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error
     and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.

     An invalid character was found in text content. Line 37847, Position 7
     <e c='

     ="m">="Nd" dt="font" dm="1" nt="decimal" nv="1.0" lb="NU" bc="EN"
     Other_Math="T" Hex_Digit="T" />

     The problem appears to be on:

 gc='Nd' dt='font' dm='1' nt='decimal' nv='1.0' lb='NU' bc='EN'
Other_Math='T' Hex_Digit='T'

The code is 1D7CF, which is in UTF-8 (according to my converter) F0 9D 9F
8F. Don't know why that particular value would tickle something.

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"Michel Suignard" <> on 05-11-2001 15:43:35

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Mark, when you update MSXML it does a side by side install.
If you go in
You'll see the following message about downloading xmlinst.exe.
It is a special utility that will do an install inplace of the previous
version of the parser. If you do that, your problem will go away. I did
that a while ago.
(my understanding is that side by side was done because some software
rely on the 'features' of the previous parser that may not be available
with the current parser. This is what happens when you are targetting a
moving standard.)

Xmlinst.exe Replace Mode Tool
This release installs the Microsoft® XML Parser 3.0 (msxml3.dll) in
side-by-side mode, which means that installing this latest version of
the parser will not cause any previously installed version of the parser
to be replaced. Both the new parser and the old one will reside
"side-by-side" on your computer. You can use xmlinst.exe to run MSXML
3.0 in Replace mode, which means that application references to previous
versions MSXML are remapped to point to MSXML 3.0. Xmlinst.exe is
designed to be a convenient way for you to run the latest version of the
MSXML parser in all of your programs. Thus, you can avoid the need to
recompile and update all of your existing programs to use and test the
latest version of the MSXML parser, regardless of the version the
program was originally specified to use. However, running xmlinst.exe in
Replace mode can leave your computer in an unstable state. For more
information about using xmlinst.exe, see Knowledge Base article about
Application Errors Occur After You Run Xmlinst.exe on Production


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I am glad the file is useful. I generated a version without the hack for
IE, and went to the page: and downloaded
MSXML Parser 3.0 Service Pack 1 Release, and installed. Rebooted. Tried
view the UCD.xml file. Got the message: "

 "The XML page cannot be displayed

 Cannot view XML input using XSL style
 sheet. Please correct the error and then
 click the Refresh button, or try again

 Invalid unicode character value for this
 platform. Line 32080, Position 14


The offending line in the file appears to be:

 gc='Cf' lb='CM' bc='BN'

I then tried my usual remedy: Bow in precisely the correct direction
16' 32" N*), and chant: "O great and mighty µsoft, take pity upon this,
least of thy servants, and permit his humble computing device to fulfill
its annointed function." To my great disappointment, my pleas went
unheaded. Does my incantation require further refinement?


* from
Mark Davis, IBM GCoC, Cupertino
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