RE: [OT] Re: Farsi issues

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 05:35:39 EDT

Edward Cherlin wrote:
> It is worse than that. US embargoes on trade, travel, and
> communication help to keep the targeted governments (North Korea,
> Iraq, Cuba, Libya, Burma, etc.) in power by increasing their control
> over information and preventing the rise of a serious opposition,
> which requires prosperity. As the proverb says, without food there is
> no righteousness, and without righteousness there is no food.

It is even worse. The existence of one or more enemies is physiologically
needed to keep the *US* government in power. In the absence of an external
threat, the risk is that a serious opposition could develop *in* the US.

_ Marco


May I add that I prefer when the this mailing list deals with technical
problems? Saying that, e.g., a certain Arabic letter displays wrong in a
certain application is useful information for both users and developers of
that application. Blaming political, marketing or legal issues is quite a
suspect reply. Not even the strongest anti-American would say that it is the
fault of the US government if U+06C0 has a wrong joining class in Word.


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