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From: Edward Cherlin (
Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 19:53:46 EDT

At 11:19 AM +0100 5/21/01, Sam Chapman wrote:
>Does anyone have a list of other Unicode or textural programming mailing
>lists/forums. I think a clear indication of any related lists will be useful
>in targeting questions to the right audience.
>For instance currently I have a number of trivial programming questions
>concerning TrueType Fonts, which of course is not best targeted to this
>list. Any idea of where to seek help for such problems would be appreciated.

These seem to be the most likely lists for your immediate questions.

> Groups Members Archive
> gnu-unifont
>This is the mailing list of the GNU Unicode Font Project (http
> 22 Public
> aattype
>Unicode fonts for Mac, AAT (Apple Advanced Typography), Apple Font
>Tools, ATSUI applications.
> < 5 For Members
  More at

I hope this helps.

More generally, this Yahoo link

got 18 hits. This next one

got 13. Searching for UTF8 doesn't return anything useful.

The Topica site (including the former shows no useful Unicode lists.


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