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Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 14:14:52 EDT


Michael Everson has produced a consolidated document N2339 on Limbu during
the WG2 meeting - I don't have an electronic copy of the document, but I am
sure, we can get it. It is essentially a combination of the 3 L2 documents.


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Subject: Limbu script proposal


Unicode would like to submit the following script proposals with the intent
for WG2 to consider them at the Singapore meeting for a future amendment to
ISO/IEC 10646-1.

You will find the softcopy of the documents on the L2 home page. The
documents are
L2 001-137 Proposal for Encoding of the Limbu Script
L2 001-138 Summary proposal form (Limbu)
L2 001-139 Printed samples of Limbu

Please follow up with Rick or Ken if you have issues with any of the


Asmus Freytag
Unicode Liaison to WG2

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