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From: Michael \(michka\) Kaplan (
Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 21:03:59 EDT

If you are doing this in Access 2000, then the choice has been taken away
from you: your only choice is Unicode (UCS-2/UTF-16 to be precise).

There is an article I wrote back in April 2000 on international apps in
Access 2000 (followed up by a June 2000 article on localized application in
Access 2000) both for Advisor Publications' "Access/VB/SQL Advisor"
magazine. You might want to look into them (one of those two is included in
MSDN, the other is not -- but MSDN does not include code or samples).

There is also an article that Rebecca Riordan and I wrote for the July 2000
Informant's Office/VBA Developer Magazine (the name keeps changing so do not
quote me on that!). Technically it was written first, but it was not
published until long after for whatever strange reason (in fact the only
reason I wrote the other two articles is that I thought the Informant one
was never going to be printed and they did not respond to e-mails!). It is
available in MSDN as well (again with no samples).

I make no money off of any of the above recommendations, for what its worth.

I could hawk my book here too (link below) but although I would make
royalties off that recommendation I cannot claim that it really applies to
Access -- although it will help with principles and platform information
plus VBA info, it does not relate at all to Access forms, etc., and the
issues there are significant enough to make this recommendation a lot less
important than the prior ones.


the only book on internationalization in VB at

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> I'm building an Access 2000 database that will function in seven
> different languages. I'm currently researching the means of doing this,
> specifically whether to go with Unicode or just local character sets.
> However, I have a lot of questions about the real-world useage of
> characters sets, input methods, and display, and I'd very much like to
> speak with someone who has expertise in this area and might be able to
> give me experienced advice.
> Please contact me at if you're interested.
> Thank you!
> Jeff Wright

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