RE: Genesis v. UDHR?

From: Michel Goossens (
Date: Sat May 26 2001 - 05:57:06 EDT

> > Unfortunately, there are some errors in the UNHCRC 300
> > language collection.
> Also not wanting to fan any fires, I wish to point out why I believe
> the text from Genesis was chosen - most Bible translations (as far as I
> know) are worked on (and reworked) by people who spend most or all of their
> lives trying to faithfully transcribe the text, and fully learn the target
> language. Thus it is likely that Bible text is the best translated text in
> existence. I also suspect that the first three chapters of Genesis were
> chosen because they have a narrative style, which would be good for
> capturing the flavor of a language. However, I also think that the Tower of
> Babel story would have been a better choice.
As I am interested in finding any texts in Unicode (UTF8) in any language.
I must admit that in most cases the more interesting scripts (LR, such as
Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, or combining such as Khmer) do not have the
source available as UTF8 text, but only as images. In order to test
various typographic systems I really would have liked to have a short but
representative source text also in these "more complex" scripts. If
somebody has such a text I would very much appreciate being able to use it.
Thanks in advance. mg

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