Re: Genesis v. UDHR?

From: N.R.Liwal (
Date: Sun May 27 2001 - 18:32:20 EDT

I can provide you Pashto, Dari (Farsi) and Urud.
do you have specific phrase or should I provide

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> > As I am interested in finding any texts in Unicode (UTF8) in any
> > I must admit that in most cases the more interesting scripts (LR, such
> > Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, or combining such as Khmer) do not have the
> > source available as UTF8 text, but only as images. In order to test
> > various typographic systems I really would have liked to have a short
> > representative source text also in these "more complex" scripts. If
> > somebody has such a text I would very much appreciate being able to use
> >
> There is a "many languages in UTF-8" sampler here:
> but of course it lacks some of the scripts you mentioned. I too would
> to have Urdu, Khmer, Arabic, Korean, and other missing versions of the
> silly phrase repeated there. (A new language trickles in every couple
> recent additions include Cornish, Walloon, and my own no doubt fractured
> renditions of Anglo Saxon and Middle English -- it's always nice to find a
> use for Yogh :-) I'm sure some readers of this list can send a few
more --
> at least Lombard and Glaswegian? Extra points for Pictish and Papiamentu.
> - Frank

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