RE: Some Char. to Glyph Statistics, Pan/Single Font

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 11:12:17 EDT


> Well, it can be said to be above the minimum :-) depending on
> how you look at things. If you're a developer of embedded
> device with a
> really stringent requirement in memory footprint (for font
> and others),
> you may just go with 1:1 ratios for all three groups of Jamos
> (consonants
> and vowels) as found in old (mechanical) Hangul typewriters. However,
> as you can guess, the result is not pleasing to most eyes.

Of course. If the requirements are even more stringent (e.g., the user is
blind) you can even represent the letters with a 2x3 matrix of "pixels".

Similarly, when I was a child, the first companies that started using
"electronic brains" to bill customers sent notes printed in all capital
letters and with no apostrophes.

The minimal model that I have in mind is slightly less "minimal": the least
quality that won't sacrifice the normal orthographic rules of a language.


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