Virama after vowel in Indic

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Date: Sat Mar 01 2003 - 02:17:08 EST

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     It is difficult for non-indic thinking person to understand the
    absurdity of the concept of virama sitting after a vowel. The
    virama is meant to strip a consonant of its inherent vowel "a". As
    a side effect of this it combines two consonants when it sits
    between then. It is not an exclusive combining mark so that it can
    combine a vowel (how can you strip a vowel of its inherent
    vowel?)and a consonsnt as unicode FAQ asks its to be.
    As per history of the letter A_YAPAHALAA_AA, there is no mention of
    this composite in original "Varna Parichay- Part 2" by Iswarchandra
    Vidyasagar, -unanimously considered by bengalies the original
    alphabet of modern Bengali. This was probably added later to
    tranliterrate words like Academic from English. It should not be
    coded as a_virama-aakaar as for reasons mentioned above. Even ileap
    - the iscii word processor considered it to be a separate moderen
    vowel and placed it corrosponding to the chandra_a in Devanagari.


    Dr Anirban Mitra


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