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From: Andy White (
Date: Wed Mar 05 2003 - 12:41:46 EST

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    Michael Everson Wrote:

    > Mijan,
    > Unicode has a mechanism for producing the ya-phalaa conjunct, namely
    > by preceding the ya with virama. This works also in the unusual
    > situation where the "consonant" the ya-phalaa modifies is an
    > independent vowel.
    > A + VIRAMA + YA + -AA (this is aa-yaphalaa)
    > RA + VIRAMA + ZWJ + YA (this is the reph-ya)
    > RA + VIRAMA + YA (this is the ra-yaphalaa)

    I said that I was not going to discuss this with you any further. I can
    now no longer resist! :-)

    Saying "RA + VIRAMA + ZWJ + YA = reph-ya" will not be acceptable.
    Implementing this will break all existing implementations. All current
    Fonts and Bengali Unicode texts rely on Ra+Virama+Ya as being
    representative of the more common reph-ya.

    Moreover, RA + VIRAMA + YA cannot represent "Ra-yaphalaa" as Ra+Virama
    is relied upon as being representative of Reph.
    For example, in the Indic OpenType secifications, you will see that a
    Ra+Virama is recognised as reph before any other processing is applied.


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