RE: Ya-phalaa

From: Andy White (
Date: Wed Mar 05 2003 - 14:55:22 EST

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    Michael Everson wrote:
    > > > RA + VIRAMA + ZWJ + YA (this is the reph-ya)
    > > > RA + VIRAMA + YA (this is the ra-yaphalaa)
    > >... in the
    > >Indic OpenType secifications, you will see that a
    > >Ra+Virama is recognised as reph before any other processing
    > is applied.
    > If this is the case (and one would like corroboration) then simply
    > reverse the two. The solution is the same.

    Once a botch is implemented then others will sure follow. Replacing you
    original botch with yet another will make the encoding model into
    nothing other than a hack. Seeing as "one would like corroboration",
    there seems is no point in me wasting time by going into details.

    IMHO, TUS needs solid rules; Exceptions, hacks, patches, or workarounds
    should definitely be avoided wherever possible. (If you care to look
    back in the mailing list archives a few years, you will see that the
    "a+Virama+Ya+aa" kludge was originally proposed as a workaround due to
    the lack of a separate encoded letter)


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