Malayalam Cillaksharams (was Ya-phalaa)

From: Andy White (
Date: Wed Mar 05 2003 - 16:14:12 EST

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    I am replying to this portion of the reply as I feel it is a very
    important revelation.

    > To reiterate our consistency in using this model, I will give you a
    > Malayalam example.
    > NA + VIRAMA + MA --> NMA (a single conjunct)
    > NA + VIRAMA + ZWNJ + MA --> NMA (with a visible virama breve
    > above and between) NA + VIRAMA + ZWJ + MA --> NMA (with the
    > cillaks.aram virama curl)
    > Michael Everson

    I have always advocated the use of the above mentioned rendering rules
    for Malayalam. However, people trying to Implement Malayalam in Unicode
    have periodically asked on this list the question of how to encode
    chillu forms.
    Due to the lack of any official response, those implementations that I
    have seen unfortunately do not follow the above rules.
    ***If you have such an implementation, Especially anyone responsible for
    a rendering subsystem, please take note***.


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