Re: Looking for information on the UnicodeData file

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Wed Mar 05 2003 - 20:26:40 EST

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    At 04:57 PM 3/5/03 +0100, Pim Blokland wrote:
    >I apologize if this question has been asked before, but I'm relatively new
    >at this.
    >My question is: where can I find formal definitions of the terms used in
    >the Character Name field of the UnicodeData.txt file? Most specifically,
    >precise explanations of designations like "turned", "inverse", "inverted",
    >"reversed", "rotated" etc. Also the difference between "digraph" and
    >"ligature", etc.
    >Although I've searched the FAQ files and the rest of the site,
    >I haven't been able to find this info as yet. This site is huge! So can
    >anyone provide me with an URL? Thanks.

    No such information exists. These are descriptive terms that have been
    applied somewhat consistently, but not strictly.

    Officially, character names are (somewhat) arbitrary, but unique
    identifiers of characters. They are neither always a description of the
    appearance of a character, nor do they always match the street name for the
    corresponding elements of the writing systems.


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