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From: David Oftedal (
Date: Fri Mar 07 2003 - 07:44:27 EST

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    >Oh, in that case I must say I think the UnicodeData.txt file doesn't do a
    >very good job.
    >For instance, the Danish ae (U+00E6) is not designated a ligature, but the
    >Dutch ij (U+0133) is, even though the "a" and "e" are clearly fused
    >together, while the "i" and "j" aren't.
    Hm, this whole concept seems stupid if you ask me. The , though a
    ligature, is a separate character altogether; Nobody should care whether
    it's a ligature, a digraph, or an elephant for that matter. And the same
    goes for "ij"... Somebody actually made a SEPARATE entry for ij? How
    stupid is that? It's just as easily written i + j. This is like the old
    Macintosh encoding, that had a separate character for "...". Stooooopid.

    Sonna ojamasan ni ha batsu-geemu namatako pantsu juppun!

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