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Date: Fri Mar 07 2003 - 12:51:13 EST

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    At 01:49 AM 3/7/2003, Pim Blokland wrote:

    >Ah yes, the cedillas; now these are ambiguous!
    >What is the "correct form" for cedillas under N, K, L, R, S and T? What
    >should these look like? The fonts I've seen disagree on all of them: some
    >have commas, others have "real" cedillas.
    >Since Unicode 3.0 came out with its new code points 0218..021B (S and T with
    >comma below), it has been my conviction that 015E..015F and 0162..0163
    >should look like S and T with real cedillas.
    >Am I wrong in that assumption? Even some fonts which have, for instance,
    >021A (T with comma below) defined, make 0162 (T with cedilla) look like a T
    >with an under comma.
    >Now I must admit, I haven't come across many texts which used Ts with
    >cedillas. Not in printed form, that is; the only ones I have seen were in
    >electronic form, where their appearance depends on the font used.

    Okay, here we go...

    K, L, N, R with comma* below for Latvian
    *Note that this doesn't mean use the comma glyph, which is usually too
    large; the characteristic of this mark is that it may resemble a comma, but
    definitely is not attached to the base glyph and has a perceivable curve.

    S with cedilla below for Turkish (and some other Turkic languages)

    S, T with comma* below for Romanian

    As John Cowan points out, the T with cedilla is not used for any language,
    although I think a case could be made that it could be used for Gagauz
    Turkish because their current Latin orthography, which uses S with cedilla
    and T with comma, looks really weird.

    The most problematical part of this is that 8-bit codepages supporting
    Romanian use the old S and T with *cedilla* codepoints, not the new S and T
    with comma codepoints. We resolve this in OpenType fonts by use the
    Localised Forms <locl> layout feature to substitute the S and T with comma
    glyphs for the default S and T with cedilla glyphs, so that documents
    created using the former characters for Romanian will display correctly.
    This is not supported in applications yet, but will be soon.

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