Re: Unicode character transformation through XSLT

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Mar 10 2003 - 21:08:29 EST

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    Well, I can't diagnose exactly what is going wrong, but

    "Unicode character (\uFFE2\uFF80\uFF93)"

    is a sequence of a full-width not sign, followed by a
    half-width katakana ta and a half-width katakana mo.

    What you are actually looking for is the UTF-8 sequence:

    0xE2 0x80 0x93

    which is the UTF-8 equivalent of U+2013 EN DASH. (and of
    <!ENTITY ndash "&#8211;">)

    It appears that something in the way you (or the code you
    are using) is getting Unicode characters from the
    resource bundle is incorrectly converting 0xE2 --> 0xFFE2,
    and so on.


    > Hi
    > My problem is that, I am getting Unicode character(\uFFE2\uFF80\uFF93)
    > from resource bundle property file which is equivalent to ndash(-) and
    > its works fine in html and XML but while Transformation through XSLT, it
    > unable to interpret it. and hence in I am getting ???in stead of ndash.
    > But if pass &ndash from resource bundle and in xml if I declare
    > <!DOCTYPE xsl:stylesheet [<!ENTITY ndash "&#8211;">]>, than i am able to
    > see proper output.
    > In XML I am using UTF-8 encoding.
    > So let me know how I can use Unicode character (\uFFE2\uFF80\uFF93) in
    > XSL to resolve my issue because I will get only Unicode character from
    > property file.

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