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Date: Tue Mar 11 2003 - 11:50:36 EST

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    Otto Stolz wrote:
    > Beware: When the book is thrown at a large speed, the relativistic
    > effects must be taken into account. I hope that the editors took
    > pains to find a wording that will not upset anybody to the extend
    > that he would throw the book away at a considerable fraction of
    > the speed of light...

    Yes, I the Unicode Consortium should take steps to make sure that people
    purchasing The Unicode Standard 4.0 are completely aware of all the possible
    physical implications of such an action. E.g.:

    "HEALTH WARNING: Care should be taken when lifting this book, since its
    mass, and thus its weight, is dependent on its velocity relative to the

    "WARNING: This book attracts every other piece of matter in the universe,
    including books published by other publishers, with a force proportional to
    the product of the masses and inversely proportional to the distance between

    "CAUTION: This book contains minute electrically charged particles moving at
    velocities in excess of five hundred million miles per hour."

    "WARNING: This book warps space and time in its vicinity."

    "DISCLAIMER: Because of the Uncertainty Principle, it is impossible to find
    out at the same time both precisely where this book is and how fast it is

    "ATTENTION: There is an extremely small but non-zero chance that, through a
    process known as 'tunneling', this book may spontaneously disappear from its
    present location and reappear at any random place in the universe, including
    your neighbor's bookshelf. The manufacturer will not be responsible for any
    damages or inconvenience that may result."

    "IMPORTANT NOTICE TO READERS: The entire physical universe, including this
    book, may one day collapse back into and infinitesimally small space. Should
    another universe subsequently emerge, the existence of this book in that
    universe cannot be guaranteed."

    "PLEASE NOTE: Some quantum physics theories suggest that when the consumer
    is not directly observing this book, it may cease to exist or will exist
    only in a vague and undermined state."

    "THIS IS A 100% MATTER PRODUCT: In the unlikely event that this book would
    contact antimatter in any form, a catastrophic explosion will result."

    _ Marco

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