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Date: Thu Mar 13 2003 - 00:22:31 EST

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    >Dear Unicoders,
    >The unicode beta page mentions that a new concept of "provisional
    >properties" has been introduced to 4.0. Unfortunately, no text is
    >available that elaborates this. Is there any way to learn more about that
    >prior to publication of TUS 4.0?

    An updated draft of TR#23 "Unicode Character Property Model" was approved
    at the last UTC, and will be available shortly. I quote from the
    forthcoming draft:

    "5.4 Provisional Properties
    Some of the information provided about characters in the Unicode Character
    Database constitutes provisional data. Provisional property data may
    capture partial or preliminary information. Such data may contain errors or
    omissions, or otherwise not be ready for systematic use; however,
    provisional property data are included in the data files for distribution
    partly to encourage review and improvement of the information. For example,
    a number of the tags in the Unihan database provide provisional property
    values of various sorts about Han characters.


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