Re: Allocation of Georgian Extended block

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Thu Mar 13 2003 - 06:24:45 EST

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    At 19:30 -0500 2003-03-12, Laurentiu Iancu wrote:
    >I noticed that a new Georgian Extended block was tentatively allocated at
    >2D00. The Myanmar block ends with four empty columns, just before the
    >Georgian block, and the space could conceivably be used to extend the Georgian
    >block while keeping it contiguous. I am sure there are good reasons for the
    >proposed allocation, but am curious which ones.

    Myanmar is already known to require its own extensions. Putting
    Georgian supplementary characters there would force a change in the
    existing Myanmar block -- forcing the eventual splitting off of
    another block to deal with the Myanmar extensions. But it also breaks
    the half-block boundary rule for scripts -- and would be particularly
    bad in this case because it would split the *start* point of a script
    across a half-block boundary, when it didn't before.

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