Re: per-character "stories" in a database

Date: Fri Mar 14 2003 - 19:54:55 EST

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    William Overington wrote,

    > I find it strange that the Unicode Standard does not codify the
    > ligatures which can be produced with the languages of the Indian
    > subcontinent at display time using specific sequences of regular
    > Unicode characters so that someone skilled in the art of font design
    > may design a font from the code charts.

    "Codify" means to arrange systematically, and no one should think
    that William is suggesting that such glyphs be encoded.

    Quoting from Unicode's page at:

    The Unicode Consortium is interested in obtaining information on known
    glyphs, minor variants, precomposed characters (including ligatures,
    conjunct consonants, and accented characters) and other such
    "non-characters," mainly for cataloging and research purposes;
    however, they are generally not acceptable for character proposals.
    <end quote>

    As long as Unicode is obtaining this information, it would be helpful
    if it could be published.

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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