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Date: Mon Mar 17 2003 - 16:10:30 EST

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    Markus Scherer wrote at 12:45 PM on Thursday, March 13, 2003:

    >It has been suggested many times to build a database (list, document,
    >XML, ...) where each
    >designated/assigned code point and each character gets its "story":
    >Comments on the glyphs, from
    >what codepage it was inherited, usage comments and examples, alternate
    >names, etc.
    >And further yet, for new proposals, the proposed characters should be
    >entered into the database and
    >tracked there with their intermediate and eventual status - rejected;
    >representable by <a b c>;
    >assigned at U+uvwxy. Proposed properties could be tracked, too.
    >Frank da Cruz wrote:
    > > ISO and the Unicode Consortium are to be commended for documenting
    > > character sets not only by showing a picture of each character, but also
    > > giving it a name.
    > >
    > > The next step is to write a little story about each character: history,
    > > etymology, applications, specs, anecdotes, controversies, ... For some
    > > characters, this could be a book in itself.

    Interestingly enough, when we go online soon, the Initiative for
    Cuneiform Encoding will be keeping track of just such information for
    each of the 900+ signs discussed for the Sumero-Akkadian Unicode proposal.

    We have experimented with several client-side technologies (XML/XSLT,
    Java) but have, for the time being, decided to go with HTML pre-generated
    from an XML database. (The client side technologies mentioned are either
    just not ready for prime time yet or are too hardware & software
    demanding for use by many of our cuneiformists.)

    When our proposal is finalized, perhaps some of this information will be
    useful for the purposes suggested.


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