Re: U+00D0, U+01b7 -- variants or distinct chars?

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Tue Mar 18 2003 - 08:31:24 EST

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    At 11:25 +0100 2003-03-18, Pim Blokland wrote:

    >There are occasions on which new codepoints were created for
    >characters that were basically glyph variants. The greek letter
    >koppa springs to mind: there are two glyph variants for this letter,
    >and when it turned out font designers weren't sure how it should
    >look, new codepoints were introduced for the "archaic" koppa, in
    >order to show both variants and avoid confusion.

    This is incorrect. The two characters have diverged in usage and are
    not interchangeable. The archaic koppa is used as a letter of the
    alphabet (q) to write names and words; the other koppa is used to
    number paragraphs in modern Greek legal texts. See

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