Re: Re. and Rs. currency sign

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Mar 18 2003 - 16:05:20 EST

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    Lateef Sagar Shaikh asked:

    > For Rupees Rs. sign is used, and for Rupee Re. sign is
    > used, where as in Unicode only onle code point is
    > present for Rs. Shouldn't there be a separate place
    > for Re. as well?

    No. Rather than using U+20A8 RUPEE SIGN, ordinary typographic
    practice would just be to use "Rs" or "Rs." for rupees
    and "Re" or "Re." for rupee. As in "Rs 9.60 lakhs" and so
    on. There are a number of examples where currency signs are
    just abbreviations using ordinary letters. "DM" was widely
    used for Deutschmarks, "dkr" for Danish kroner, and so on
    before the switch to euros, for example.


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