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Date: Sun Mar 23 2003 - 21:22:53 EST

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    Thanks for the enightening me regarding the CHANT website fonts. Now if ICS1
    (and ICS2 and ICS6) would work, I could count this as a major victory.

    My "correct" characters were simply what I know to be the right ones by
    looking at hard copies and the only place I've seen them on my computer
    screen, in the Unicode CJK Extensions. I realize now the blanks actually
    refer to what is the same character by sight, but in the ICS1 font.

    Re Eric's comments on the fonts: for anyone interested in sinology in
    general, it is really a superior site all-around, the texts are collated
    against other major recensions and character variants duly noted, and I hope
    it will continue to enlarge as they add texts to it.

    Allen Haaheim

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    > > From: "Allen Haaheim"
    > > ... it seems that "[s]ince GB18030 is fully ISO 10646 compatible, it
    > > readily supports CJK Extension B and other languages." I don't have
    > > the GB18030 font or Extension B Charset in my machine. Can I load CJK
    > > Extensions A and B without switching to XP? I would prefer to use
    > > Win2000, or the ME which I am running now, but if necessary I can use
    > > XP.
    > In terms of CJK glyphs, the GB 18030 character set only includes the
    > CJK Ideographs and CJK Ideographs Extension A blocks. In terms of
    > encodings, it supports the Supplementary Ideographic Plane (and thus
    > CJK Ideographs Extension B), but no SIP characters are currently
    > defined in GB 18030. So the "SimSun 18030" font that comes with the GB
    > 18030 support package is not a misnomer: it does contain the complete
    > character set.
    > Windows 2000 will do, but you must have Office XP. I have Windows 2000
    > with Office XP with the 2002 Proofing Tools installed. The extended
    > font is called "SimSun (Founder Extended)" [filename: SURSONG.TTF] and
    > contains around 64,000 CJK Ideographs: most of Extension B, but not
    > all. I have access to this entire font via the Simplified Chinese
    > "Enhanced Unicode IME" which has already been mentioned, via the UTF-16
    > code (not the scalar value).
    > > From: "Allen Haaheim"
    > > I tried what you suggested with unipad, but for some reason it went to
    > > a location on a PUA character map, rather than CJK Unified Ideographs
    > > Extension B, where they are in fact located.
    > It goes to a PUA location because that is where that character is
    > located in the appropriate CHANT font. The two examples you gave go to
    > E596 and E58E, as has been noted. The correct characters are in the
    > "ICS1" font. I would be curious to know how many of the glyphs in ICS1
    > are now in Unicode, and which are not. ICS3 has a very nicely and
    > accurately rendered set of oracle-bone and early bronze-inscription
    > characters, by the way.
    > Regards, Eric Rasmussen

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