Re: CJK question

From: Eric Rasmussen (
Date: Mon Mar 24 2003 - 11:28:19 EST

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    > From: Chris Pratley
    > ... The Insert Symbol dialog in OfficeXP has been improved to allow
    > you to search by Unicode value (as well as larger glyphs, resizable,
    > appearing in all apps, etc). In Word2002 (OfficeXP) you can also enter
    > a Unicode character directly by typing the character value in hex and
    > then using the Alt-X shortcut.

    Chris, thanks! I also had not noticed that I can change the font
    setting in the Insert > Symbol dialog from "(normal text)" to "(Asian
    text)" for access to the CJK Extensions.

    > From: Allen Haaheim
    > ... Our text is from the Pre-Han & Han and Six Dynasties databases,
    > which use their ICS1, ICS2, and ICS6 fonts. [...] Now if ICS1 (and
    > ICS2 and ICS6) would work, I could count this as a major victory.

    Well, I have not tried to install these on Windows, but I can tell you
    that on Mac OS X 10.2.4, I can only have one of these ICS fonts
    installed at a time (and for some reason it doesn't appear in the
    Character Palette, only in the Font panel itself). So try installing
    ICS1 by itself and see what happens...

    > ... But the character that belongs there is U+5B7D, as another website
    > (Han Quan)
    > shows in the same line of text ...

    This is a Big5 site, not Unicode. So it is displaying U+5B7D in Big5
    encoding (code point C45E), not Unicode.


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