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Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 14:45:21 EST

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    > >Is tresillo caseless? Yes.
    > How do you know?

    OK, I don't have first-hand evidence. But, I think it's pretty unlikely
    that there is case on the basis that:

    - this was clearly innovated from a caseless digit
    - the source documenting this David mentioned apparently does not report a
    case pair
    - the cuatrillo is a very similar situation, and while I have seen recent
    usage of that, I've not seen any evidence of a case pair

    Of course, none of this is certain -- I'm making a conjecture (but one I
    feel is almost certainly true). I was not assuming that any character
    proposal was going to be based on my comments. I was merely suggesting for
    David's benefit what I think may be appropriate.

    - Peter

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