Inherited-script characters

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Fri Mar 28 2003 - 11:31:38 EST

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    Last December, Mark Davis indicated that a passage similar to the
    following would (or should) be added to UTR #24, "Script Names":

    > Whatever their script property values, characters with general
    > categories of Mn and Me should also inherit their script from their
    > base character. The nominal script property value for these characters
    > may be different from INHERITED in cases where the best interpretation
    > of that character in isolation would be a specific script.

    This meant that implementations would need to take the General Category,
    not just the script name, into account when interpreting UTR #24 (now
    proposed to be upgraded to a UAX). This is a reasonable change, but a
    change nonetheless. I complained briefly about the extra overhead, then
    got over it and added it to my "Scripts" program.

    In the proposed update to #24, I don't see anything about treating
    characters with a General Category of "Mn" or "Me" differently. Was the
    change scuttled, or just overlooked?

    -Doug Ewell
     Fullerton, California

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