Unicode Conf. in Africa? India? (Re: 24th Unicode Conference - Atlanta, GA ...)

From: Don Osborn (dzo@bisharat.net)
Date: Fri Jul 11 2003 - 16:20:38 EDT

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    I've come back to my mailbox a bit amazed to find so much mail on this
    address issue. I'd have to agree with Peter's last on the topic - not to
    prolong the thread (!) but to pick up on his description of Gabon as a
    country "not particularly known for involvement in this industry." Is there
    any likelihood of a Unicode conference being held somewhere in Africa with a
    bit more going on in ICT (South Africa? Ghana?)? Might that be helpful in
    Unicode "outreach" to that continent?

    For that matter what about India, which I did not notice on the list of past
    conference venues? It would seem that multilingual regions such as
    sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia would draw particular local benefits from
    Unicode, and India at least is certainly not lacking in involvement in

    Don Osborn

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    > Sure, it's better not to assume "USA" is understood, but the criticism was
    > being taken too far. The original criticism was certainly valid, but
    > taking it to the extent of suggesting that people will do a lot of
    > research on villages and suburbs in Gabon is, IMO, absurd. If you do a
    > google search on "atlanta, ga", you'd have to wade through pages and pages
    > of results related to the US city in the state of Georgia before you'd
    > come close to anything else, and if somebody hasn't figured out by that
    > point that the conference is probably in Atlanta, Georgia, USA rather than
    > a village in a country not particularly known for involvement in this
    > industry, then they're probably not intelligent enough to be involved in
    > this industry anyway.
    > - Peter

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