Re: [OT?] LCD/LED Keyboard

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 14:44:21 EDT

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    > I like this idea too.
    > Not just for multilingual input; for ordinary use as well. I.E.
    > after pressing the dead key to generate an acute accent, all the
    > keys which support acutes would be shown as such (e.g. the E would
    > look like É) until the next key was pressed. This would simplify
    > life for people who don't spend all day long at the computer.

    > And what about people who are always customising their keyboards -
    > no more messing around with felt tip pens, just a simple, clean,
    > hardware solution. People would love that. Or is that just me?

    Count me among the people who wouldn't.

    Looking at the *keyboard*, instead of the screen, is
    ergonomically terrible.

    I have always preferred the concept of an on-screen virtual
    keyboard that mirrors the current state of a software-programmable
    keyboard, while otherwise just keeping current, cheap
    hardware that is (usually) optimized for fast touch typing.

    An on-screen virtual keyboard gives you the option of mouse hits
    for odd key usage, along with a learning curve for gaining
    familiarity with a new keyboard layout, without having to
    continually move fingers away from keys to examine what
    some LCD (or other) display shows their state to be. It is
    also more in keeping with the design concepts behind
    Asian input methods -- which don't force you to look down
    at the keyboard for keyboard states, either.


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