Re: Creating fonts for Akan language

Date: Thu Aug 07 2003 - 08:50:22 EDT

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    Kyekyeku, Quick answers re the characters:

    Quoting "" <>:
    [ . . . ]
    > Only the 5th and 15th characters of the Akan alphabet are not in the
    > Latin character set. The Capital form (big letter) of 5th character is in the
    > Latin Extended-B character set with the number 0190.
    > The small letter is in the IPA Extensions set with the number 025B.

    These are the capital and small "open e." This is used in a fair number of
    African languages.

    > I have not found the 15th character in any character set so far.

    The capital and small "open o" are also used for a number of African languages:
    0186 (capital)
    0254 (l.c.)

    You might want to check out the links at
    concerning characters, fonts and keyboards for African languages.
    Don Osborn

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