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Date: Tue Aug 19 2003 - 13:45:52 EDT

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    Such opinions - and they are not necessarily isolated cranks - make one
    wonder if there is not a huge "outreach" gap in Unicode's longterm strategy.
    A session on internet & African languages that was part of the WSIS prepcom
    in Bamako last year was critical of Unicode as it is. An individual on the
    newsgroup fr.comp.normes.unicode denounced Unicode as an American scheme.
    And the posting below...

    Or more benignly, an eminent linguist who seriously questions how one can
    treat several scripts on a single computer. Or computer trainers (in a
    multilingual society) who have heard the name "unicode," but have no clear
    idea what it means.

    Am I the only one wondering, or is there more that the Consortium could do
    for public education in its own cause? Perhaps there are good explanations
    and I should hasten to add I'm not criticizing anyone. But the need seems
    evident, at least from out here in the cloudy Sahel.

    Don Osborn

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    > Hi guys
    > I am Working on a project for Indian Languages.
    > what is the project?
    > It is a total solution for all language complexities
    > to break free from the painful & design of Unicode
    > which is not copletely serving the purpose for indian languages.
    > what it does?
    > 1. Language shall not depend on Unicode.
    > 2. It attempts to create a totally new encoding scheme
    > for Indian use alone.
    > 3. This scheme should be a encoding standard across
    > all platforms specially designed for indian use
    > 4. Will provide adueqte support for data exchange
    > what i need?
    > Any indians and other who feel unicode is not serving
    > the purpose to use their complex languages ( like
    > asian) please contact me.
    > Thank you very much
    > -Surya Kiran Vinjamuri

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