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Date: Mon Mar 01 2004 - 07:04:57 EST

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    On 01/03/2004 00:18, Asomiddin Atoev wrote:

    >Dear Sir/Madam,
    >I am emailing on behalf of the Tajikistani state
    >working group on localizing software for Tajik
    >language. Could you please kindly guide us to be in
    >right direction. What shall be the procedure of
    >standartization of alphabet symbols? Tajik alphabet
    >makes use of cyrillic symbols and contains of 35
    >If it is not right address to ask for help, could you
    >please kindly direct me to right one.
    >Appreciate very much your consideration and help.
    >All the best
    Dear Aso,

    The Tajik alphabet is fully supported by Unicode, and so by recent
    operating systems e.g. Windows 2000 and later and by much recent
    applications software e.g. MS Office 97 and later. All that you need are
    suitable font and keyboard drivers.

    As I understand it (and confirmed by, the Tajik alphabet consists
    of most of the Russian alphabet plus the following:

    U+0492 and U+0493 Ғғ
    U+04E2 and U+04E3 Ӣӣ
    U+049A and U+049B Ққ
    U+04EE and U+04EF Ӯӯ
    U+04B2 and U+04B3 Ҳҳ
    U+04B6 and U+04B7 Ҷҷ

    Unfortunately these characters are not all supported by the Microsoft
    core fonts (although they do support the national languages of the other
    Central Asian republics). But they are supported by widely available
    fonts including Arial Unicode MS, Palatino Linotype, Code2000, Doulos
    SIL and TITUS Cyberbit Basic. (If you have any of these fonts installed
    you should see the Tajik characters above.)

    There is no Tajik keyboard supplied with Windows, but you can create one
    using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator. You might find that the
    Microsoft Uzbek Cyrillic keyboard meets your needs, but I am not sure if
    it supports the long vowels ӢӣӮӯ.

    Peter Kirk (personal) (work)

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