RE: Tajik alphabet code

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Mon Mar 01 2004 - 21:00:43 EST

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    Could you please clarify exactly what you are looking for help with.

    - Are you looking for information on standardizing orthographic usage
    within a community? (I suspect not.)

    - Are you wanting to find out whether a particular orthography for Tajik
    is supported in Unicode and, if not, what is involved in getting it
    supported in Unicode?

    (If so, could you provide information about the orthography so that we
    can be sure we're not responding assuming information that might not be

    - Are you asking the previous question but in relation to some 8-bit
    encoding rather than Unicode?

    - Are you aware of what is supported in Unicode, and rather looking for
    information on how to *implement* the standard to support Tajik in
    software localization?

    Peter Constable

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    > Subject: Tajik alphabet code
    > Dear Sir/Madam,
    > I am emailing on behalf of the Tajikistani state
    > working group on localizing software for Tajik
    > language. Could you please kindly guide us to be in
    > right direction. What shall be the procedure of
    > standartization of alphabet symbols? Tajik alphabet
    > makes use of cyrillic symbols and contains of 35
    > letters.
    > If it is not right address to ask for help, could you
    > please kindly direct me to right one.
    > Appreciate very much your consideration and help.
    > All the best
    > Aso
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