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Date: Tue Mar 02 2004 - 03:48:08 EST

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    Hi Kevin,

    > I completely accept that the vast majority of ligatures can be decomposed
    > into existing encoded characters without any loss of design integrity and
    > therefore the case for encoding them is weak (and probably non-existent
    > in the context of the new font technologies such as OpenType)

    Isn't it the other way around? Just the "mandatory" ligatures are no problem
    at all. If a font requires use of a ligature for each occurence of "ct",
    modern font technology will happily do this substitution whenever the two
    characters "c" and "t" occur adjacently in the text.

    It gets a little bit more complicated when both ligature and non-ligature
    occur and the author wants to control this.

    Peter Jacobi

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