Questions about High Hamza (U+0674) and related chars

From: Ernest Cline (
Date: Thu Mar 04 2004 - 15:56:25 EST

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    I've been going over the Unicode scripts block by block, so as
    to get a good feel for them for a project I'm working on. With the
    peculiar compatibility decompositions for U+0675 to U+0678,
    I went searching thru the archives for more info about High Hamza.
    (Peculiar in that based solely on the glyph shapes, it looks as if
    the decompositions are the reverse of what they should be.)
    Doing so, confirmed for me that while peculiar, they were correct,
    but after looking at one particular post in the archive [1], I was left
    with some questions, especially since I was unable to find any
    response to it in the archives.

    (A) In rendering a word containing High Hamza, should the High
    Hamza always be moved to the start of the presentation order?

    (B) Are the characters U+0675 to U+0678 under consideration
    for deprecation because of the issues raised in that post?


    Ernest Cline

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