A proposed change of name for Latin Small Letter TH with Strikethrough

From: Ernest Cline (ernestcline@mindspring.com)
Date: Fri Mar 05 2004 - 15:51:16 EST

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    If it isn't too late, might I suggest a change in the name of this
    proposed character?

    The Pittman Initial Teaching Alphabet [1] uses a pair of th
    ligatures to represent the difference between unvoiced th and
    voiced th. Neither looks like this character, nor like a plain
    th ligature that might be created by simply overlapping the
    letters. If the name of the proposed U+1D7A were changed
    the character could also be used for the Pittman ITA, or
    other schemes for representing a voiced th (as does the
    example given to support U+1D7A in N2645) without requiring
    a new character to represent the same basic idea.

    I think I have enough documentation that I can a prepare
    a proposal for the Pittman ITA, but I think that it would be
    better for the voiced TH digraph to be unified with U+1D7A.
    The two would never be used together and both express
    the same basic concept of a voiced th sound in English.
    Such a unification would of course be dependent upon
    a change in name for U+1D7A in the period before it was
    officially adopted.

    [1] http://www.itafoundation.org/alphabet.htm

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