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Date: Fri Mar 05 2004 - 16:38:07 EST

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    > Fact is, conformance to Unicode, as specified in the standard, is
    > of a fuzzy target. So after reading chapter 3 (conformance) and 2.12
    > does not enlighted me very much), I reformulate the question as:
    > - For each version of Windows NT, what is the version of the Unicode
    > Character Database the NLS API intents to conform to?

    I think conformance is *not* the question you want to ask. It's possible
    that WinNT version X (pick some version) could be found to conform to
    any and every version of Unicode. But *conformance* does not imply any
    requirement to support any particular group of characters added in any
    particular version. Remember, a product that does nothing more than
    monitoring a stream and ringing a bell when U+0007 is encountered (and
    ignoring everything else) is conformant.

    > > A similar question could be asked in relation with sorting (but
    since I
    > cannot figure easily how TUS defines conformance in the area of
    > particularly some years ago, I cannot figure how to spell out the

    The Unicode Standard does not define any conformance requirements in
    relation to sorting. The Unicode Consortium defines a *distinct*
    standard related to sorting, viz. UTS#10, the Unicode Collation

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