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From: Magda Danish \(Unicode\) (v-magdad@microsoft.com)
Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 14:02:24 EST

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    Date/Time: Mon Mar 15 11:09:34 EST 2004
    Contact: steve.hay@uk.radan.com
    Report Type: Problems / Feedback about website

    I have noticed that when browsing pages on the Unicode website, the
    Character Coding selected by my Netscape 7.1 browser always seems to be
    ISO-8859-1 rather than UTF-8, despite all the pages having a <meta
    http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> line in

    It occurred to me that the problem might relate to what HTTP response
    headers are being output, e.g. if they say ISO-8859-1 then perhaps
    Netscape selects that rather than what the page's <meta> tag says.

    Sure enough, using the Perl "lwp-request" program to display the
    response headers from a request for http://www.unicode.org/ I find that
    there are actually two Content-Type response headers -- the first says
    "ISO-8859-1" and the second says "utf-8".

    Is the output of two different Content-Type headers deliberate?

    If not, then removing the "ISO-8859-1" response line might stop my
    Netscape browset getting confused.

    - Steve Hay

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