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Date: Tue Mar 16 2004 - 14:33:31 EST

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    Perhaps an anecdote about typesetting Irish text
    with taste is in order. When I typeset Nicholas
    Williams' wonderful Irish translation of Alice's
    Adventures in Wonderland I had occasion to use
    some fancy Roman fonts for the chapter headings.
    One of these, Mona Lisa Recut, has a tall and
    pointy dot on the lower-case "i", which looks
    particularly bad when in the context of accented
    "". In setting the Irish titles, I substituted
    the dotless "" for it -- and in doing so, I
    rendered the text unsuitable for spell-checking
    or text searching, because dotless "" is not a
    letter used in Irish orthography. A picture of
    the cover is at and
    information on the book in general is at

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