FYI FWIW: Microsoft Aims to Double Windows Language Versions

From: Joe Becker \(Unicode\) (
Date: Wed Mar 17 2004 - 13:05:14 EST

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    Microsoft Aims to Double Windows Language Versions

    Tue Mar 16, 4:39 PM ET
    Reuters to My Yahoo!

    By Reed Stevenson

    SEATTLE (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. launched on Tuesday a program to create versions of Windows and its other programs in little spoken languages such as Amharic, Catalan, Gujarati and Welsh to spread its software to all corners of the globe.

    The Local Language Program aims to double the 40 languages now available on Microsoft's personal computer software with help from local governments.

    Maggie Wilderotter, Microsoft's senior vice president in charge of working with governments overseas, said localized versions of Microsoft's Windows and programs such as Office would encourage local software engineers and businesses to build Windows-based programs and local software industries.


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