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    Sorry, I need to revise this a bit, as I just noticed my question is
    partially answered: there is a table in section 9.5 that shows U+0B5F
    YYA being displayed as ya-phalaa. So, my revised question, then, is
    whether a sequence like < ..., virama, U+0B2F ORIYA LETTER YA > should
    *also* be displayed as ya-phalaa or not.


    Peter Constable





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    I'm what the encoded representation of the ya-phalaa in Oriya script is
    supposed to be. I'm referring to the typeform




    In Unicode, this is considered a presentation form of ya, but the
    problem is that there are two ya characters: U+0B2F ORIYA LETTER YA








    So, my question is which of these is the character underlying the
    ya-phalaa: the first or the second? Or would it be the first for some
    words, and the second for other words?


    I suppose the answer to this can be found in ISCII - does anybody know
    what ISCII did in this regard?




    Peter Constable


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