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Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 11:30:52 EST

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    on 2004-03-19 02:04 Marco Cimarosti wrote:
    > Anarchism is against imposing forms of organization, non against
    > organization itself. And standards are quite like the useful side of laws
    > (the organization) without the harmful side (the imposition), so they should
    > be welcome to anarchists.

    The sort of anarchy that I am familiar with involves decision by
    consensus. A really good example from my academic discipline is the
    International Code of Botanical Nomenclature. There are conventions held
    every six years in which the participants vote on changes to the code,
    so in that sense it might seem a democracy, but the code only works
    because there is a consensus among botanical taxonomists to use it. No
    governments enforce it.

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