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From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Mon Mar 22 2004 - 15:17:53 EST

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    On 22/03/2004 10:53, Philippe Verdy wrote:

    > ...
    >As far as I know, Unicode is the only alternative to ISCII for Indian Brahmic
    >Scripts, however Urdu written with the Arabic script may be supported with the
    >Arabic ISO8859 charset.
    Philippe, it is very obvious that you are as much a novice concerning
    Urdu as John Snow. So please leave this part of the question to the
    experts and stop confusing John.

    >UTF-8 is very viable for now for all scripts that can be restricted to the BMP.
    >UTF-8 support out of the BMP is often bous or inexistant in too many browsers...

    All of the languages John named are supported entirely in the BMP, as
    you know very well. So any mention of anything outside the BMP is
    totally irrelevant and only serves to confuse a novice.

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